Blended Learning Simulator

    Blended Learning Simulator is all about the impact training system design and 23 L&D tools have on the growth of business indicators and ROI of L&D, as well as the importance of the management contribution to this process


    Energizer Business Game

    Motivation is the key. Participants act as department heads. Using soft motivation tools they have to build a balanced system of operations within their department providing for sustainable high performance in the long run


    Proxima Centauri Business Game

    Participants manufacture spaceship components and then assemble the entire spaceship. Less successful teams are overtaken by their more successful counterparts. The game shows the importanceof rapid response to changing environment, embracing new technologies, optimization, good planning, motivation and management


    Lunar Energy Business Game

    Reserves of fuel on Earth are almost exhausted. The production of helium-3 is threfore organized on the Moon. People head to the Moon to build a station for extraction of this valuable substance. Like in every space expedition, to succeed in the game everyone needs to achieve both an individual and a team goal. The game is conducted jointly with motivational speakers – real astronauts!

GET Global

GET Global creates and delivers business simulations, business games and e-learning gamified solutions (over 60 games). We run international T&D bespoke and blended learning programmes globally and localise them in different countries.

Our Services


GET Global is a global company with partners in different countries (UK, France, Russia, Poland, Austria, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, etc.).

We run international T&D blended learning programs globally and localize them in different countries.

The features distinguishing the way we work with our clients

• We work for your KPIs growth. Among our achievements: 20-50% growth in sales, 15-40% growth in productivity, safety and quality, 5x times growth in turnover and 4x times growth in profitability for our clients.
• We love making learning and development engaging, experiential and useful
• We create and deliver business simulations, business games and e-learning gamified solutions


Our Team

Our Clients

Among our clients are largest corporations and local businesses.



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