Motivational speakers - astronauts

Motivational speakers-astronauts and an exciting big game “Lunar Energy” with astronauts.

Paolo Nespoli – engineer-astronaut from Italy.

Sergey Ryazanskiy – the only scientist – crew commander in the world.

The astronauts will charge you with space energy and will make you believe in yourself and follow your dream. The will talk about effectiveness and communication, safety and real team work, balance between structure and creativity and will inspire you by the beauty of our home – planet Earth and the Solar system.


Big game “Lunar Energy”

The game is conducted together with motivational speakers – real astronauts.

Can you become an astronaut? Can your team survive in space? Give it a try – ask a real astronaut! Challenge yourself in the game!
Fuel reserves on Earth run out and you need to fly to the Moon. Assemble a team, build a station and extract Helium-3.

Skills to develop in the game:

- Teamwork
- Negotiating and communication
- Uncertainty management

Develop the following competencies:
• Teambuilding
• Communications and negotiations
• Uncertainty management
• Strategic thinking and cascading.

Get a lot of fun and drive in the process!

Game setting:

Reserves of fuel on Earth are almost exhausted. Production of helium-3 is therefore organised on the Moon. People head to the Moon to build a station for extraction of this valuable substance. Like in every space expedition, to succeed in the game everyone needs to achieve both an individual and a team goal.

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