Blended Learning Simulatior


How it works:

Participants develop an annual training program. Choices are marked on the magnet board and in the computer program. 

The program allows building L&D models for different types of employees: newcomers, mid-level staff and experienced employees, allowing a differentiated approach to increase their effectiveness. 

The winning team will need to achieve the highest incremental value, competences and motivation growth as a result of people development in the most cost efficient way (L&D ROI).

How to use:

Play online and offline, experiment with building the most efficient L&D system. 

Train: run trainings, combine them with useful content and practice particular L&D tools with participants. 

Adjust the 23 tools according to your own L&D system and its instruments, the types of competencies, the calendar 

 Goals and result: 

• Identifying general principles of creating L&D plans
• Mastering skills of setting L&D programs
• Studying L&D tools 

For whom and what for:

Managers will learn, how to develop talent and influence performance. 

The simulation teaches managers: 

• how to properly build a training and development plan for their reports
• to understand the importance of development
• to see the impact of T&D on the efficiency and learn how to use instruments
• to recognise the importance of management contribution to the process. 

For T&D professionals it is an important and interesting part of professional development. 

They will learn: 

• how to build a system of blended learning
• how to justify the need to use a particular L&D program for business
• how to consider the effectiveness of an L&D program. 

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