Energizer - Business Game

Showing how motivation turns into money

Energizer is a fun and effective way to show line managers how motivation of their teams directly impacts productivity and in the end – the money the team earns. It also allows the participants to explore the variety of motivational tools to start using them every day.

The game is aimed at:

  • Line Managers to teach them how to better motivate their employees
  • Top-level managers and HRMs to help them build and support better motivational systems

What the game is about:

Energizer is all about soft motivation: it includes 40 different tools and shows how motivation is linked to business performance.

Players’ challenges:

Manage team’s time, energy and performance: Participants act as department heads with 8 reporting employees. Each employee has their own motivational needs and profile. In the role of a Manager, the player must set tasks for employees, come up with ideas for motivation, manage energy and time. Using motivation tools they have to build a balanced system of operations within their department providing for sustainable high performance in the long run.

Prevent vade of motivation: By applying cards with motivation options (motivational boosters) the players increase motivation of their virtual teams. Without the boosters motivation drops and the team cannot perform tasks.

Create action plan: To use a certain motivator boosters players will need to come up with ideas on how to motivate their real reports.

Skills to develop:

  • Using soft motivation tools
  • Optimal task allocation
  • Performance management
  • Time management

How to use:

Play offline and online, experiment with building the most effi cient motivation system.
Train: run trainings, combine it with useful content and practice particular motivation tools with participants.
Adjust the 40 tools according to your own motivation system; typology (like DISC, etc.).
The game takes between 2 to 4 hours and can be the main event as well a part of a bigger programme.

What our participants say about Energizer:

”I used a few ideas developed during the game right after it and, incredibly, they worked!”

“I finally saw why my team lacked the energy to act. Now I also understand how to fix it.”

“It is such a shame I didn’t know about this game before ... I realized that I took on extra tasks myself instead of properly engaging my team.”

“This is really a “wow” for managers!”

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