Coaching and self-awareness

We have put together a strong team of coaches.

Our coaching areas are:

  • Individual coaching on the following subjects:
    • Setting and achieving professional and personal goals/objectives
    • Integral development
    • Strategies, projects
    • Management, leadership
    • Sales, negotiations (including participation in client’s complicated negotiations)
    • Communication
    • Time and stress management
    • Personal effectiveness
  • Coaching as management style
    Coaching as management style enables to change the attitude of employees to their work to proactive, to develop responsibility and initiative, to make the process of reaching objectives more optimal, conscious, and measured.
  • Coaching as objectives’ achieving instrument for top management
  • Coaching as objectives’ achieving instrument for teams
    Coaching as objectives’ achieving instrument, makes it possible for clients to understand, check, and set goals/objectives, to see the alternatives, to make a decision, to estimate the necessary resources, to reveal obstacles and risks and find ways of overcoming them, to construct steps required for reaching goal/objective, to forecast the result and estimate consequences, and with controlled advancing to result, to come to the set objective within set time frames.

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