Strategic consulting

Business analysis

We use about a hundred different tools of strategic analysis and planning, each time selecting only the necessary ones.
Our consultants are graduates of the best business schools.

Creating and implementing a strategy

We create only living strategies: strategies that work, strategies that people believe in. We are able to achieve this thanks to close contact with our customers' employees and they love it! Getting involved in our work develops, motivates and inspires them.

Strategic sessions and meetings

We run involving and inspiring strategic sessions. We create a deep understanding of a current situation and challenge management teams to create ambitious strategies based on real opportunities and numbers.

in addition to classic formats we offer creative approaches to strategy and organisational transformations:
- strategic modeling
- metaphorical business games

Strategic modelling in a business simulation

The team of game designers creates a game model of the business based on real numbers and market environment. Managers play different roles of stakeholders in their business and see the consequences of their decisions and options for market development
This allows the team to make the right strategic decisions and helps the entire management team to see the need for such decisions.

Metaphorical business games

Teams play a game in which the setting (story) reflects the current state of the company and its transformation in the form of a metaphor. The narrative makes it easier for participants to find solutions, to accept a situation and learn how to communicate changes.

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