The Lunar Energy

Big game “Lunar Energy”

The game is conducted together with motivational speakers – real astronauts.

Can you become an astronaut? Can your team survive in space? Give it a try – ask a real astronaut! Challenge yourself in the game!
Fuel reserves on Earth run out and you need to fly to the Moon. Assemble a team, build a station and extract Helium-3.

Skills to develop in the game:

- Teamwork
- Negotiating and communication
- Uncertainty management

Develop the following competencies:
• Teambuilding
• Communications and negotiations
• Uncertainty management
• Strategic thinking and cascading.

Get a lot of fun and drive in the process!

Game setting:

Reserves of fuel on Earth are almost exhausted. Production of helium-3 is therefore organised on the Moon. People head to the Moon to build a station for extraction of this valuable substance. Like in every space expedition, to succeed in the game everyone needs to achieve both an individual and a team goal.

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