Blended and bespoke learning

Our portfolio comprises more than 65 trainings, including the best international training programs and independently developed programmes. All our programmes proved high efficiency and were highly praised by our customers. We continue working non-stop on developing new training programs, games, case studies, adaptation and localization of international T&D programs for our clients.

In the training we move through the Kolb’ learning cycle: from creating an internal need in being trained to consolidating practical skills.

Theoretical material is presented in an interactive and exciting way to keep our participants are always engaged. All trainings have practical focus: they are filled with exercises, games, role-playing games and other activities helping to convert new information into skill through practice.

Training is accompanied by high quality colorful visual tools: playing fields, cards, skill charts and constantly updated handouts.

Some trainings are held as games or competitions.

Programs industry specific focused. All skills are practiced on the materials close to participants' working environment. We conduct pre-training diagnostics to make it possible.

Trainings are delivered by  GET Global trainers working in line with the unified standards.

After trainings we run supporting programs using different methods and formats.

All participants receive a perpetual opportunity to consult on the subject of training and related topics with GET Global consultants via email.

Categories of our trainings (universal)

Special learning programs (industry specific)

  • GET Growth: Business Strategy and Development
  • GET Management: Management Skill
  • GET Team: Teamwork, People Development, Motivation
  • GET Contact: Communications
  • GET Sales: Sales Training
  • GET Drive: Marketing and Promotion
  • GET Glocal: Think Global, Act Local
  • GET Stream: Personal Efficiency, Stress Management, Self-Awareness
  • GET FMCG: Trainings for retail and FMCG companies
  • Get Pharma: Trainings for pharmaceutical companies
  • GET MED: Trainings for companies offering medical services, medical products or medical technologies
  • Industrial consulting and learning
  • Finances and banks
  • GET Trainings: Trainings for educational organisations


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